Camaro LED FOG+DRL Lights
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Camaro LED FOG+DRL Lights
  • Camaro LED FOG+DRL Lights

Camaro LED FOG+DRL Lights

Item No.: V-152203
Camaro 10-13

Chevrolet LED FOG+DRL LIGHT  (12V Voltage)


    1. Fog: 10W CREE LED

    2. DRL: Daylight Guide, 9.5W CREE LED

    3. Sealed with glue by machine

    4. 100% Waterproof, with ventilation hole

    5. E4 Approved for both of DRL&Fog

    6. External Driver, no FM interference

    7. OE replace Fitting


OEM Technology

CREE LED 12V E-marked

100 percent wind- and water-resistant holds all weather conditions.

Modern angel eyes DRL look primarily by an extremely long life of up to 50,000 hours!




   Camaro 10-13



ECE - standard R19 / R87
Fog lamps 2x 10W (800 lumen)
Daytime Running Lights: 2x 9,5W (900 lumens)
Standard packing size: 530*500*400/40 sets


Vinstar exclusive designed fog + DRL lights in a homogeneous fiber optics. The front fog lamp sets standards with its wide beam angle, which provides a larger field of vision. So nothing escapes your attention.

         He is a top replacement for most modern fog lamps and can also be used as daytime running lights or headlights assistant.


The super bright CREE LED fog + DRL lamp are not only an optical enrichment for your car, they also provide more safety on the road and reduce the risk of accidents. Bring you a faithful companion on every journey.